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Judge Sentences Man for Aggravated Assault


A local judge sentenced a man whose assault on the victim caused a concussion, knocked out teeth, and two swollen and shut eyes.

Monday in District Court in Havre Judge Daniel Boucher sentenced Jesse Shane Valdez to a three-year deferred imposition of sentence for felony aggravated assault. His sentence was part of a plea deal.

Jesse Shane Valdez, Hill County Detention Center booking photo

Deferred sentences can be applied to first-time offenders. Offenders who abide by their conditions and fulfill the deferred sentence may have the offense voided off their record. 

Valdez’s assault happened in 2017:

On Dec. 8, a Hill County Sheriff’s Office deputy went to Northern Montana Hospital to investigate an assault report. The deputy found the victim had his face largely bruised, both eyes were swollen shut, and a large cut on his lip that had just been stitched. 

The victim told the deputy he was attacked by multiple people in his home because he asked them to leave. He said he was unable to name any of his attackers but added that his roommate saw the assault. 

The deputy, aided by two Havre police officers, went to the victim’s home, where his roommate answered the door. The deputy noticed a man lying on the couch. He was wearing blue jeans with “numerous” blood stains on them, according to court documents. The officers also saw that items had been scattered around the room and several areas were stained with blood. The deputy believed the man, later identified as Valdez, could be a threat to officer safety and tried to handcuff him. Valdez woke up and resisted the deputy. Thanks to the help of the other officers, he was eventually handcuffed.

When asked for ID, Valdez was uncooperative and “belligerent.” It appeared to officers that Valdez had been drinking.

Valdez was identified by an envelope in his pocket and confirmed by the man who answered the door. 

The man who answered the door, the roommate, told officers Valdez, and only Valdez, beat the victim who was now in the hospital. 

After arresting Valdez, the deputy went to a nearby house to speak to the man who called the police. 

The reporting caller said the victim came to his home covered in blood. He took him to the hospital. The reporting caller said he didn’t know who attacked the victim and added that the victim had said the assaulter was still at his home. 

The deputy talked to the victim three days later, Dec. 11, at his home.

The victim said his roommate gave Valdez money to buy beer and when he returned he didn’t want to give him his change. Valdez got angry when asked to return the change and tried to attack the roommate, the victim told police. When Valdez tried to attack the roommate, he got in between the two and Valdez assaulted the victim instead. 

The victim incurred a concussion, a broken nose, several abrasions, had two front teeth knocked out, and sustained two swollen eyes. 


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