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Havre Man Suspected Of Intimidating Tenant To Drop Charges Against His Daughter

A Havre man was arrested Friday for allegedly intimidating a tenant to drop assault charges against his daughter.

Scott Edward Dion, born in 1957, was arrested on pending charges of tampering with witnesses and informants, a felony, and misdemeanor solicitation to compounding a felony.

Scott Dion’s daughter, Erica Dion, is charged with felony assault with a weapon for allegedly pointing a pistol at the tenant on May 13.

Scott Dion (Hill County Detention Center booking photo)

Scott Dion’s attorney, Jamie Young, said her client will plead not guilty to any official charges and had no further comment on the allegations.

Scott and Erica Dion are both out of jail.

Here’s what happened, according to Hill County Justice Court documents:

The tenant told Dion that after his daughter was released from jail, she didn’t feel comfortable staying at his residence and wanted to move out, despite the three-month lease agreement she had signed.

Erica Dion’s alleged assault against the tenant occurred at the residence.

Scott Dion told the tenant he would void the lease agreement and give her a portion of the rent back if she dropped the charges against his daughter, the tenant told police. Erica Dion is also charged with disorderly conduct.

If she didn’t drop the charges, Scott Dion told the tenant he would take her to court and ruin her credit, court documents say.

The tenant showed investigating officers an unsigned agreement typed by Scott Dion, reading: “There will be no penalties accrued for breaking this lease as long as Scott Dion receives proof that said charges against Erica Dion have been dismissed.”

The tenant and Dion went to the Hill County Attorney’s Office to have the agreement notarized.

The charging document does not explain the gap in events between the time the agreement was to be notarized and when the tenant showed an unsigned agreement to police.

Hill County Attorney Karen Alley said she could not comment on the lapse.  

Scott Dion made state and national news in the past when he wrote “sexual favors” in the memo line of a check he used to pay his property taxes. He maintained the gesture was a completely legal way to protest his property taxes.  The check was initially refused by the Hill County treasurer but, about a year and half later, after some legal fencing by Scott Dion’s attorney and the county, it was accepted. (406) 262-7778
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