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Man Charged With Stealing From Havre Retirement Home Residents, Again

Update: The charges in this particular case were dropped and the case closed Sept. 13 by the County Attorney’s office. He has already pleaded guilty in another similar case.

On May 28, Kevin Wayne Coleman pleaded guilty to stealing guns from an Eagles Manor resident while he was a maintenance man at the Havre retirement home.

Now Coleman faces more burglary and theft charges, this time for allegedly stealing an air-conditioner from another resident of the retirement home. His arraignment on the most recent charges is set for Aug. 5 in District Court.

Here’s what happened, according to charging documents:

An Eagles Manor resident called police May 31 to report her air-conditioning unit was stolen from the basement storage unit.

Officers verified that her storage unit, which was wood-framed with mesh wiring, had been locked. The investigating officer noticed the screws holding the storage unit together were stripped, indicating they may have been taken out and screwed back in multiple times.

The officer speculated that Coleman, who was by now a former maintenance man for the retirement home, may have stolen the unit.

The officer went to a local pawnshop to see if Coleman had pawned it there. Someone at the pawnshop verified that Coleman pawned that exact model air-conditioner on Nov. 15, 2018.

In January, Coleman was charged with identical felony burglary and misdemeanor theft charges, after a different Eagles Manor resident reported three missing pistols. Police verified that Coleman had pawned two of the guns at a local pawn shop and was trying to pawn a third.

The manager of the retirement home told police she suspected that Coleman was stealing things from Eagles Manor, as other items were missing.

Coleman, who has since pleaded guilty to felony burglary in the theft of the pistols, is set to be sentenced on the same day he is to be arraigned on charges related to the air-conditioner theft. (406) 262-7778
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