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Local Man Gets 2 Years For Endangerment, Attacking Police In Wild Chase

A local man received two years with the Montana Department of Corrections for creating a chaotic incident during which he jumped through a window and attacked police officers.

Kaleb S. Dobrenz was sentenced Monday to five years, with three suspended, for felony criminal endangerment. Judge Kaydee Snipes Ruiz presided over the hearing in Havre District Court.

Kaleb Dobrenz (Hill County Detention Center booking photo)

Dobrenz’s sentence was part of a plea deal that dismissed two counts of felony assault on an officer, as well as misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and obstructing a peace officer.

On Jan. 28, a concerned relative called the Hill County Sheriff’s Office to report that Dobrenz was hanging out with a woman he shouldn’t be with, as court conditions prohibited such contact. The relative believed Dobrenz was probably beating the woman and that the two were doing drugs together.

Two deputies responded to the woman’s East Havre home, where they spotted her carrying groceries and Dobrenz in the doorway of the home.

Dobrenz ran into the home, despite commands to come outside, and was eventually discovered in a closet, pressed up against the wall. He ignored several commands to come out, and after being pulled out, continued to resist.

Dobrenz then ran toward a window and dove head first through the glass. In doing so, he pulled the deputy who was holding onto him into glass, resulting in the officer being cut.

With Dobrenz hanging on the window frame by his waist, he got loose from the deputy’s grip when his shirt tore. He fell out of the window to the ground face first and ran eastbound on Seventh Street East.

Deputies ran after Dobrenz, who ended up slipping on an ice patch, allowing time for the deputies to catch up.

Dobrenz ignored repeated commands to get on his stomach. He was then tased on his stomach. After refusing to obey commands to get on his stomach, Dobrenz was tased again. One of the deputies grabbed his arm and pulled him to his stomach.

That’s when Dobrenz got on his knees and tried to mule kick one of the deputies. He was again pushed onto his stomach. Even on his stomach, Dobrenz continued to try kicking the deputies. He was tased a third time, on his back and eventually handcuffed.

The deputies called for police backup and a medical unit for Dobrenz and the deputy who was cut.

EMTs arrived and administered first aid to Dobrenz and the deputy. Both men went to Northern Montana Hospital to be treated for their cuts.

Urinalysis results came back positive for methamphetamine for Dobrenz.


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