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Fire North Of Havre Contained

A fire north of Havre has been contained.

Multiple firefighting agencies responded to the blaze Monday afternoon.

By 4:30 p.m., Havre Assistant Fire Chief Nathan Courtnage told the Herald the fire was contained and crews were cleaning up and turning hot spots over.

Courtnage said firefighters from many agencies including those from the Havre Fire Department responded.

Billows of smoke could be seen miles away. Volunteer department fire trucks sped through Havre as they responded north by way of Shepherd Road to the scene.

Before it was contained, the haze was very thick on part of Saint Joe Road.

Further details on the fire are not yet available.

Early on, fire was visible from Fifth Avenue. (Paul Dragu, Havre Herald)
Parts of Shepherd Road were covered in thick haze. (Paul Dragu, Herald photo)

Update: This story has been updated and it has been corrected to say Shepherd Road instead of Saint Joe Road.

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