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Sheriff Advises Public To Watch Out For Fake Police

Hill County Sheriff Jamie Ross is advising the public to positively identify law enforcement officers before opening their home to anyone claiming to be a police officer.

The Hill County Sheriff’s Department is looking for a suspect linked to an incident in which someone falsely claimed to be a police officer and asked the resident to allow him inside their home.

Early Friday, a Box Elder resident reported that an unknown male knocked on their door, said he was a police officer, and told the resident to “open the door,” according to a press release from the sheriff.

“The resident looked out through the security peephole and did not see anyone. The resident turned the porch light on and through the window observed a male run down the porch stairs and flee the area. The resident then heard the male yelling outside. The resident immediately contacted the Hill County Sheriff’s Office to report the incident.”

The suspect is dark-haired and about 6 feet tall with an average build. He was wearing a black sweatshirt, dark baseball cap, and dark pants.

Residents are asked to make sure they identify anyone claiming to be an officer by a badge and department identification. They can also call the law enforcement agency directly, or call 911 to confirm the person at their door is a real law enforcement officer.

Anyone with information about this incident, or other purported crimes, can call Crimestoppers at 265-4444, the Sheriff’s Office at 265-2512, or the Havre Police Department at 265-4361.

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