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It’s Official: “The Havre Song” Gets City Recognition

Thirty-five years after it was written, Kim Callahan’s “The Havre Song” was named the city’s official song Monday night.

City Council members unanimously adopted Havre resident Bill Lanier’s proposal to designate it the city song.

Callahan wrote the song for her Timely Trio to perform, fulfilling a request of the Havre Area Chamber of Commerce and several business people interested in promoting community pride.

Lanier said talk of making it the city song was rekindled about a year ago and gained strength after the death of Mavis Filler, one of the Timely Trio.

When there were calls from council members for Lanier to sing the song Monday night, he laughingly declined.

Council member Erik Meis asked if there were copyright problems. Lanier said there was no copyright on the song, and he talked to members of Mavis Filler’s family and they were in favor of the designation.

He said in the past various choral groups at Havre Middle School sang the song.

Council member Denise Brewer suggested that the song be sung at various community gatherings. She mentioned the annual Fourth of July picnic at Pepin Park.

“I always loved that song,” said Councilman Terry Lilletvedt.

Listen to the song on youtube.


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