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Snowstorm, Tie Vote Delay Fort Belknap Election Results

Update: After multiple recounts, the Council will intervene and decide whether to do another recount or to call the election. Horn garnered one more vote than Mount in four of five recounts.

Election workers Wednesday afternoon were busy doing a recount of Tuesday’s ballots after a tie developed in one of the Fort Belknap Tribal Council races.

Nathaniel Mount and Donald “Duck” Horn were tied at 171 votes each in the River Assiniboine District representative race. Ballot counters were going through the votes to double-check for errors.

The ballot counting was initially delayed because a snowstorm Tuesday night prevented poll watchers from delivering ballots to tribal headquarters at the Fort Belknap Agency. 

In other races:

  • Assiniboine at-large representative (elected by voters of both tribes): Brandi King 639, John Allen 610.
  • Gros Ventre at-large representative (elected by voters of both tribes): Mike “Gopher” Fox 660, Wes Kill Eagle Sr. 580.
  • Gros Ventre representative at-large (elected by Gros Ventre voters only): Jeffrey Stiffarm Sr. 439, Lorraine Brockie 268.
  • Assiniboine District at-large (elected by Assiniboine voters only): Judith (Judy) King 289, Curtis Horn 247.
  • Gros Ventre District representative: Dominic Messerly 211, Arleme Healy Cochran 146. 
  • Mountain Assiniboine district representative: Lynn Cliff Jr. 126, Warren R. Bell 68.
  • Mountain Gros Ventre district representative: Warren Morin 190, Geno Kevaldo 168.

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