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No Winner Declared Yet In Contested Fort Belknap Race

A cliffhanger of a contest for a seat on the Fort Belknap Tribal Council remains unresolved.

The council will make the final determination in the race for the River Assiniboine District representative.

It hasn’t been determined when that will happen. Tribal Council chairman Andrew Werk was not available for comment on Thursday afternoon.

Preliminary results Wednesday showed that Donald “Duck” Horn and Nathaniel Mount were tied at 171 votes. 

But four subsequent recounts showed Horn with 171 votes and Mount with 170.

In case of a tie, the tribal constitution requires four additional counts. 

The counts were conducted by an automatic machine, the tribal council said in a release Thursday.

An Elections Committee representative said Thursday that its work is done. It has not declared a winner and it has referred the results to the Tribal Council. 

Under tribal rules, the council makes the final call when the results are in doubt.

The council has several options, including declaring Horn the winner or ordering that a special election between Horn and Mount be held.

What happens next remains to be seen.


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