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Horn Declared Winner In Tight Fort Belknap Vote

Donald “Duck” Horn has been declared the winner in the close contest for a seat on the Fort Belknap Tribal Council.

Nathaniel Mount conceded the squeaker of an election in a letter to tribal council members and the Fort Belknap community. The election committee then voted to declare Horn the winner.

On the day after the election, Horn and Mount were tied at 171 votes each for the Assiniboine District seat on the council. Following tribal rules, four additional counts were held using electronic tabulation. Horn led those counts, 171-170. 

Tribal ordinance then requires the election committee to refer the matter to the tribal council, which had a variety of options.

But before and during Tuesday’s council meeting, Mount said he conceded the race.

Council members then referred the matter back to the election committee, which promptly accepted the concession and declared Horn the winner, according to Maurice Adams, chairman of the elections committee.

Horn will be inaugurated in a ceremony at tribal headquarters at noon Friday.


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