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Havre Woman To Plead Guilty To Lying About Domestic Abuse

A Havre woman has agreed to plead guilty to lying to police about being beaten by her former boyfriend.

On Wednesday, Kodi Barnes signed a plea agreement in which she agreed to plead guilty to a misdemeanor charge of making false reports to law enforcement.

The plea agreement, should it be accepted by the judge, would dismiss two felony charges of tampering with or fabricating physical evidence.

Here is the incident that led to Barnes’ charges, according to court documents:

On Sept. 11, Havre police officers responded to Northern Montana Hospital to investigate a report of domestic abuse.

Barnes told police she was a victim of physical abuse at the hands of a man with whom she had a relationship.

Barnes told police she entered the man’s home on Sept. 9 and he “flipped out” on her. She said two other people were in the home at the time.

Barnes told police the man got “in her face,” grabbed her arm, shoved her and pushed her toward the door. She also accused the man of grabbing her by the neck and pushing her against the wall. Barnes showed officers bruises on her back and inside her arms, claiming the man caused them.

Police then went to the accused man’s residence, where the incident was supposed to have occurred.

The person who answered the door told police that Barnes and the man no longer had a relationship at the time of the incident. He said Barnes barged into the house and was upset because another woman was there. Barnes then kicked in her former boyfriend’s bedroom door.

She was eventually escorted out of the residence.

The person speaking to police said there was no fighting, “just a lot of yelling and Barnes crying.”

Police then spoke to the accused, who was at his place of employment.

The man told police he asked Barnes to move out about a week before the incident. As for the incident, Barnes yelled and cussed after seeing him with another woman. The man said he never touched Barnes and added he had no idea what caused her bruises.

Three witnesses to the incident, including the person police spoke to at the house and the woman the man was with, provided statements that corroborated the man’s narrative, police said.

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