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Havre 911: Monday — Thursday

The following are reports from the Hill County Sheriff’s Office and Havre Police Department dispatch logs, agencies that also respond to animal control calls.

Monday, Dec. 2

7:32 a.m., Hwy 87. Cows were out, a caller reported.

3:20 p.m. Someone wanted to talk to an officer about a situation.

5:42 p.m., Hwy 87. Cows were out on the road.

5:59 p.m., Hwy 87. Two vehicles hit a cow, a caller reported.

Tuesday, Dec. 3

12:16 a.m. A caller wanted to speak to an officer about an identity theft situation.

9:19 a.m., First Street. Someone was having a dispute with someone else over a snowblower.

3:18 p.m., Smithville Road. Someone received an email saying they needed to send money right away.

5:13 p.m., First Street. A driver may have been drunk.

Wednesday, Dec. 4

12:43 a.m., Third Avenue. A car was parked in the street.

2:40 a.m., Montana Avenue. Someone heard yelling in the apartment above.

Thursday, Dec. 5

3:48 p.m., First Street. A caller reported marijuana odor coming from a vehicle with a child inside.

6:13 p.m. A female was being belligerent in drug court. Police arrested a 51-year-old Havre woman on charges of probation violation and disorderly conduct.

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