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Man Accused Of Writing Bad Checks From Father’s Account

Update: On Jan. 6, Jones pleaded not guilty to the felony charge of offense of forgery by common scheme. The judge denied Jones’ request for bail reduction but said she is open to reconsidering if he has someone else besides his father to stay with.

Three times, Zakery Dale Jones has received sentences for writing bad checks: twice in Hill County, once in Blaine County.

Now, he’s being charged with felony forgery for writing checks from his father’s account, which he wasn’t permitted to do.

Zakery Dale Jones

Jones, born in 1986, is charged with a felony offense of forgery by common scheme.

According to charging documents:

On Nov. 25, a man walked into the Havre Police Department to report that someone had written several checks from his account without permission. The man said his son, Jones, was probably the culprit.

The man showed police a copy of several checks that were written to various people, the total amount coming to $1,455. The checks were written between Nov. 19 and Dec. 1.

When police interviewed one of the check recipients, the person said Jones told him that his father left him checks to use while he was away, adding that it was because he didn’t have good credit.

On Dec. 1, a local bar owner told police that Jones was at the bar and tried to write a check from someone else’s account. The bar owner further told police she didn’t take the check because Jones had written multiple bad ones before.

On Dec. 9, Jones was arrested. Two days later, police tried to interview him, but he didn’t want to talk.

On Dec. 13, a local grocery store manager told police that multiple checks from the two accounts Jones had used had bounced. The four checks that bounced totaled $1,380.

On June 17, Jones received nine years probation for two felony counts of issuing bad checks and two misdemeanor counts of issuing a bad check. He was ordered to pay $12,376.

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