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23 Seek Seat On Chippewa Cree Council

Twenty-three candidates will vie for the one open seat on the Chippewa Cree Business Committee at Rocky Boy.

Voters will go to the polls on Tuesday, Feb.25 to decide who should fill the open seat.

The position became vacant with the sudden death of council member Michael “Big Mike” Corcoran on Jan. 6.

The winner of the election will serve until November 2022. 

The committee, commonly called the tribal council, consists of eight members and a chair. The chairman is elected for four-year terms. Chairman Harlan Baker’s term expires in November 2020.

The candidates for the open seat include:

Jody LaMere

Melvin “Junior” Morsette

Laurie A SunChild

Josh Seaton

Florencine “Dixie” Strump

J.R. Rosette

Dayrl Wright II

Emery “Paco” Nault

Loni Whittford-Taylor

Ken St. Marks

Jonathan Windy Boy

Duane Gopher

Tim Kopp, Sr.

Mike Geboe

George Henderson Sr.

Harriet Standing Rock

Brandon Gopher

Cody Rivas

Pete T. LaMere

Ted Parker

William “Sunny Boy” St. Marks

Chelsey St. Pierre

Paulette Standing Rock

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