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Republican Ed Hill Runs For House District 28

Havre school board member Ed Hill is running to represent Havre in the Montana House of Representatives.

Hill recently retired after 41 years working for BNSF Railway.

“I’m a conservative. I’m pro-life. I won’t vote for any government expansion or higher taxes,” he said Friday, outlining his political beliefs.

He is running in House District 28, which includes Havre and the immediate area.

Incumbent Rep. Jacob Bachmeier, a Democrat, is not running for re-election. Instead, Krystal Steinmetz is seeking the Democratic nomination with Bachmeier’s blessing.

The district is considered a swing district that sometimes votes for Republicans and sometimes for Democrats.

Hill said he has been interested in public affairs for a long time. His wife, Heidi, previously served as campaign treasurer for legislative candidates Kris Hansen and Stephanie Hess.

Hess, now Stephanie Hess Cote, serves as Hill’s campaign manager in his race.

Born and raised in Havre, Hill said he believes his conservative political positions are right in line with the Montana GOP platform.

He has been active in a variety of community programs, including Relay for Life, which raises funds for the American Cancer Society. He has worked with the Havre Ski Patrol for 21 years.

Hill said his positions have annoyed some board members “who feel we should always be unanimous” on issues. However, he added that he wants to be responsive to the voters who elected him. He said he takes the conservative side on most issues that come before the school board.

Hill and Steinmetz are unopposed in their respective primaries. March 9 is the filing deadline with the Montana Secretary of State’s office. If others file, the parties will pick their nominee in the June 2 primary.

The winners will match off in the Nov. 3 election.


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