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Tim Harmon Responds: ‘My Best Is Yet To Come’

The following letter was sent to The Herald from the Dawson County Correctional Facility, where the author is currently an inmate. The letter is dated Feb. 6.

I am writing in regards to an article published in The Havre Herald Feb. 4. The article referenced the suspension/dismissal of drug charges filed against me in September.

The reason the charges are being suspended are so I can attend a treatment center I didn’t complete in late 2018 due to a wildfire outbreak that threatened the Malibu, California, facility I was attending. The Hill County attorney is allowing me to complete the treatment I have already started and to get the help I need. I am very grateful for this opportunity.

However, I am aware not everyone in our community is supportive of me and the decision to suspend my charges.

I realize I have made some poor decisions in order to cope with some very difficult circumstances over the past three years: Two devastating fires at our family-owned business; partial finger loss due to an extreme frostbite injury; a near-death highway crash; health issues; and relational heartbreak.

The pressure all became too much for me and unfortunately, I buckled. I am very regretful for the decisions I made in order to cope. I wish I would have handled it differently.

Many of us have had loved ones who have struggled with addiction. The road to recovery is not easy and there are many obstacles along the way.

I realize the criticism of some folks comes with being in business and in the public eye. Some of that criticism feels unfair and often misrepresents the truth of who I am. That is my cross to bear. But I know the negative comments of some do not represent the support of the majority.

Throughout my life, I have watched my father navigate many storms in his life including Big Bud Tractors Inc.’s financial crisis. My father has told me those difficult times were the catalyst needed for change and growth. What seem to be insurmountable problems at the time can actually strengthen your resolve and increase your wisdom– as long as you do not lose hope and give up.

I draw from his experience both in business and personally.

Although my family and I have faced our fair share of difficulties, we walk arm-in-arm, together, and face our demons no matter what they are.

I am grateful for my family’s continued support. I have a strong but quiet faith in God, who I believe will take my journey and experiences and use them to help others one day. I have a story to tell.

I look forward to completing my treatment and being back in the Havre area with my head held high.

I want to thank those of you who have shown me compassion and support during these difficult times. It means more than you know.

My best is yet to come.

Timothy J. Harmon

Vice President, Harmon Properties, LLC

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