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Havre Border Patrol Chief Hit With Snowballs For Good Cause

The Hill County sheriff pelted the chief of the Havre Sector Border Patrol office with eight snowballs Wednesday morning.

It was all for a good cause.

For every snowball Sheriff Jamie Ross hit Havre Sector Border Patrol Chief Sean McGoffin with, 10 pounds of food will be donated to the Havre Food Bank.

Soon the Havre Food Bank will have at least 80 more pounds of food to give to those in need.

The idea of snowballs for food came from a chief in Washington, the Blaine Sector, who challenged all the northern border sectors to do something similar, McGoffin said.

This morning, Havre’s sector answered the call.

We were trying to do our part to contribute to our community, McGoffin said, adding that it’s not uncommon for the Homeland Security agency to contribute to the needs of its community.  

In this case, McGoffin also reached out to the sheriff’s department, a common partner in law enforcement operations throughout the year.

Ross gladly climbed on-board.

 “After the holiday season, the food banks are usually running low on food and it’s a good time to donate,” Ross said.

The Havre Sector patrols 456 miles of international border, starting along the Montana-North Dakota border to the east and ending at the Continental Divide to the west. The sector consists of six stations: Plentywood, Scobey, Havre, Malta, St. Mary, and Sweetgrass. 

Commenting on his two misses, Ross joked there was reason to suspect foul play.

“I think he may have moved,” Ross said.

“I flinched a little,” McGoffin replied.

Both agencies are accepting donations from the public. Anyone who would like  contribute to the cause can do so by dropping food at the Havre Sector Border Patrol office or at the Hill County Sheriff’s Office.

Hill County Sheriff Jamie Ross, left, shakes hands with Havre Sector Border Patrol Chief Patrol Agent Sean McGoffin (Paul Dragu, The Havre Herald)

Editor’s note: This story has been updated to clarify McGoffin’s title.

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