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Judge Sentences Repeat Offender For Domestic Abuse

Judge Kaydee Snipes-Ruiz sentenced a local man Monday in District Court for beating his partner bloody.

Snipes-Ruiz sentenced Jesse James Flansburg to three years’ probation on the charge of felony partner or family member assault. Flansburg’s deferred imposition of sentence means he can have the offense wiped off his record if he remains law abiding.

Flansburg pleaded guilty to the offense Jan. 6.

Court files say he was convicted of similar offenses in North Dakota in 2014 and Havre City Court in 2017.

Here’s what happened:

On Aug. 9, 2019, Havre police officers responded to a reported disturbance at the Oakwood Village apartment complex.

Officers found a woman with blood on her face and shirt sitting in a car, with a juvenile in the back seat. Police noticed the woman had a large welt and was bleeding heavily.

The owner of the car said he loaned the car to Flansburg. An officer asked the woman if Flansburg caused her injuries. She sobbed, then nodded.

The woman said she’d been in a relationship with Flansburg about four years, adding, “This ain’t the first time this happened.”

After being transported to Northern Montana Hospital for treatment, the woman told police she and Flansburg had gotten into an argument and Flansburg hit her a few times while her son was in the car.

Officers found “a large amount of blood” on the passenger side of the car, the front passenger door handle, and the rear passenger side and on the ground in the parking lot.

Police eventually found Flansburg east of the apartment complex and arrested him.

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