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Local Man Sentenced For Failing To Register As Violent Offender

A local man received three years’ probation Monday for failing to register as a violent offender.

Thomas Speakthunder

District Judge Kaydee Snipes Ruiz sentenced Thomas Jake Speakthunder, born in 1977, to a three-year suspended sentence with the Department of Corrections for the felony offense of failing to register as a violent offender.

Speakthunder, who pleaded guilty to the offense Dec. 19, is being held in Great Falls Regional Prison on an unrelated matter. He’s serving time on a previously suspended sentence of criminal possession of dangerous drugs that was revoked.

Speakthunder’s latest offense happened last year.

On Aug. 28, two Havre police officers went to find Speakthunder, a parole absconder, at a First Street address. The officers had a warrant for his arrest.

A woman answered the door and said Speakthunder had been staying at her residence for a couple of months.

Officers split up to look for him, and one of them found him in an open window, holding a glass jar. Officers ordered Speakthunder to the ground and arrested him. Court documents didn’t elaborate on what was in the glass jar.

The next day, officers interviewed the woman at the home where Speakthunder was found. She said she saw him at a funeral at Fort Belknap, then a few months later brought him to her home. She said she didn’t know he was evading probation officers.

Speakthunder was required to register as a violent offender in connection with a 2006 assault with a weapon conviction in Hill County.

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