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Reader’s Thoughts: Health Dep’t ‘Overstepped Common Sense’

I have read the data on the coronavirus and the common sense approach to handling the spread rate of this disease. 

No, I am not a doctor, but rather a man of common sense. A man who also questions authority as suggested by Albert Einstein.  

The Hill County Health Department has overstepped common sense and entered into asinine. To order restaurants, casinos, bars, and other food establishments closed to dine-in service, but to allow yoga classes and gym rats to gather in a number that is well below the recommended 50 by the World Health Organization, the governor’s office, and other much more knowledgeable places than the Hill County Health Department is stupid.

It is a further attempt to wield power without sense. It is bad enough that toilet paper is flying off the shelf faster than John Force going through the traps at Pomona Speedway, but to further limit social interaction for these businesses at this time when they are simply offering a service that many choose to use and yet leave Walmart, IGA, and other types of businesses open and not regulate the number of people in the stores is pure and simple ignorance of facts.

It does not follow the bases of common sense. Apparently common sense has nothing to do with health care, which makes this power grab by the Hill County Health office even more outrageous.  

I strongly suggest that people be allowed the choice and not be regulated by a health department that cannot see the forest for the damn trees. I and anyone else who has ever stood for this country remember that it is our duty to question authority when it smells of ill will. This power grab without common sense does just that.

I have a tendency to upset people, but it is generally due to the fact that I will point out the flaw in their plan. I do not care that I upset people. I care about what is right, and this power grab by the Hill County Health Department is wrong on so many levels. It decides exposure based on a type of business and class of citizens that frequents such. It is based entirely on a simple-minded fool that is in a place of authority without any facts to back it up.

If the facts as seen by the Hill County Health Department were spread evenly across all businesses, then I might support their argument of doing something for the greater good. To approach it the way they have left many of us calling it what it is: a power grab based on the fiction of fear and nothing more. 

Jim Richards Jr.

Editor’s note: On March 20, Gov. Steve Bullock issued an order closing restaurants, bars, gyms, theaters, and more closed across the state until March 27.

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