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Rocky Boy Council To Residents: Stay In Your Homes

The Chippewa Cree Tribal Council has recommended strict self-quarantine for residents on Rocky Boy’s Indian Reservation in light of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Officials told residents to remain in their houses.

“That means people should be staying in their homes! Do NOT go out in public,” the tribe said in a release Wednesday night.

A tribal security official said this morning the recommendation is not a mandate. The official said there are no reported cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus, currently in the area.

The move comes after a state of emergency was declared on the reservation Sunday.

The council especially implored people over 60 and those who are ill to stay home. They are considered at highest risk to become sick from or die of the disease.

The tribe has set up an “incident command post” that will deliver food and supplies to households in need throughout the reservation, and asked residents to be patient as the overworked staff acquires supplies.

Water and other supplies are not plentiful, and residents should try to conserve water, the tribal council advised.

People also are urged to order propane and other supplies “for an indefinite period of time,” since it is not clear what the future holds.

Those desiring to receive tribal benefits should call the department involved to complete a brief intake interview, the tribe said.

The tribe stressed that all benefits will be delivered to families. No pickups will be allowed.

Once people receive assistance, they may not get additional aid for another two or three weeks.

Since resources are limited, the council said, residents should not try to get duplicate services from more than one department.

Tribal payroll will be delivered to homes starting at 10 a.m. Thursday.


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