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Reader Responds To Pandemic: “Survive! Then Thrive!”

I’ve recently been confronted by a friend and a family member about my attitude toward the current coronavirus situation.

If my response to our current global crisis seems callous or condescending, that is not my intention.

If you are a friend or family member reading this, please know that I love and value you. You are my real treasures and I want to stay connected with you.

Please allow me to clarify my assessment of the COVID-19 crisis.

I am a survivalist. I regularly work hard to be personally prepared to survive without modern infrastructure and I am able to teach others (who are interested) how to survive. Start by reading “SEAL Survival Guide: A Navy SEAL’s Secrets to Surviving Any Disaster” by Cade Courtley.

I have heard many “end of the world” prophecies and predictions in my 50 years. None of them have come to pass. However, they have consistently caused panic and woefully selfish behavior by the public.

I have learned fear makes a poor counselor. I live by the motto, “Never Panic.”

What is the difference between a survivalist and a prepper? Preppers hoard to make sure they have stuff when others have none. Conversely, survivalists don’t need a lot of stuff. Survivalists can make it on their own with minimal supplies. A survivalist is a minimalist with outdoor survival skills.

As a survivalist, I constantly work on my survivability through mental, physical, and spiritual fitness. I keep minimal necessary supplies on hand. I don’t need to rush to the store and stock up when there is a crisis because I don’t need much to survive. I am not a warehouse and find storing a bunch of stuff, which I may or may not use, to be expensive and unnecessary.

I do invest in personal mobility. I exercise to maintain the ability to remove myself (by walking if necessary) to a place with access to fresh water, game to hunt, and sheltering materials. I don’t mind discomfort and I can move my own body weight with a 20-pound backpack the distance of 20 miles a day, if necessary. This kind of fitness is not an overnight achievement. Every decision about what I eat and my daily activities affect this outcome.

I know how to procure and preserve my own food. I can make clothing and shelters. I can start a fire without chemicals or petroleum products. I am comfortable in uncomfortable situations. My number one survival tool is my attitude. Intelligent action and a positive attitude can be the difference between life and death.

Honestly, I find the mental and physical weakness of our modern citizens disgusting and deplorable. This condition was most recently demonstrated in how many people cannot handle their own personal hygiene without modern amenities such as toilet paper. How ridiculous!

Forgive me for ranting. Let me reiterate: I love you! I love people! I hate panic, hoarding, and fear feeding the fires of social unrest and instability.

The COVID-19 scare will be one for the history books. When this happens again (in about 2 years) please be ready.

Be a Survivalist!

Virginia Seigel,

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