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National Guard Soldiers Checking Amtrak Passengers Arriving In Havre

Uniformed National Guard soldiers have been stationed at points along the Hi-Line, including Havre, since Friday, checking Amtrak passengers who come from out of state or out of the country.

Guard members were activated Wednesday by Gov. Steve Bullock and sent to 17 locations around the state to screen consenting passengers arriving at airports and train stations to help slow the spread of COVID-19, the respiratory illness caused by the new coronavirus.  

The soldiers will have non-touch temperature devices. They will ask people if they are feeling well or if they have had contact with anyone who might have COVID-19.

Capt. Dan Bushnell, public information officer for the Montana Army National Guard, said the questioning is entirely voluntary, and if people don’t want to take part, they can continue on their journey.

While they are especially interested in people who are from out of state and out of the country, anyone on the train is eligible to be questioned and have their temperature taken.

The soldiers will be uniformed and have protective gear to ensure their safety, Bushnell said.

Soldiers also will be stationed at Amtrak stops in Wolf Point, Shelby, and Whitefish. Soldiers will patrol airports and other transportation hubs in the rest of the state as well.

A National Guard soldier checks the temperature of someone who got off the train in Havre on Saturday. (Teresa Getten, The Havre Herald)

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