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Bear Paw Marathon Cancelled

It was to be the area’s first marathon. It was going to be run through north-central Montana’s majestic Bear Paw Mountains.

Then the new coronavirus disrupted life all over the globe, including Montana’s northern region.

The Havre Area Chamber of Commerce announced today it is canceling the first Bear Paw Marathon, an event that had rustled up much excitement, support, and over 100 participants.

“The 2020 Bear Paw Marathon set for June 6 is being canceled due to COVID-19,” a prepared statement from Chamber Executive Director Julea Robbins said. “The community excitement for this new event has been unbelievable.”

The chamber will evaluate the idea of a 2021 marathon in the fall.

The chamber will refund entry fees in the coming weeks. Anyone who wants their fees rolled over to next year’s potential marathon is asked to contact the chamber at [email protected] or 406-265-4383.

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