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Local Man Accused Of Trying To Stab Former Partner With Wine Glass

A local man is accused of trying to stab his former partner with a wine glass.

Raymond O’Claray is charged with felony assault with a weapon and felony partner or family member assault — third or subsequent offense. He pleaded not guilty to the charges on Monday.

Here’s what happened, according to court charging documents:

On March 18, police responded to a domestic abuse call at an Havre address. The caller reported that her former partner tried to stab her with a glass.

The woman said the two got into an argument and O’Claray tried to hit her with a wine glass, which broke while the two struggled. She told police that O’Claray tried to stab her with the glass stem. The woman used a lamp to defend herself.

When officers interviewed O’Claray, they noticed he had blood on his hands and was drunk. He could not explain how his finger got cut.

O’Claray was convicted of partner or family member assault in 2005 in Havre City Court and assault with a weapon against the same woman in 2010 in Hill County District Court.

O’Claray is presumed innocent of the charges unless he is convicted.

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