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Sheriff Warns Of Scam Involving Police Impersonation

The Hill County Sheriff’s Office is warning area residents to watch out for scammers pretending to be law enforcement and asking for credit card information lest victims are arrested.

“The scammer identifies themself as a member of law enforcement and tells the victim they have warrants out for their arrest,” a statement from Hill County Sheriff Jamie Ross said.

The call may appear to be coming from the sheriff’s office.

The scammer then tries to obtain credit card information or tells potential victims to wire money through electronic transfer. If they don’t pay, the scammer tells potential victims, they will be arrested.

“The scammer is very specific in telling the victim they are to keep the information confidential and are not to tell anyone about the phone call,” Ross said.

The Sheriff’s Office never asks people for their credit card information or to send money via wire transfer, Ross says.

Anyone who receives such a call is told to get the caller’s name, then call the Sheriff’s Office dispatch center at 406-265-2512.

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