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Letter: Rosendale Is A Proven Conservative Leader

If you haven’t taken a look at Matt Rosendale for U.S. Congress yet, please take a moment to let me share a few points about who he is, and his record of proven conservative leadership for Montanans.

Matt’s been successful in both business and as an elected official, and he proves time and again that he understands how business operates. He stands up against overly burdensome government regulations because Matt understands that we must eliminate barriers to grow business.

The availability of more affordable health care options for Montana families is one of Matt’s commitments. He has protected those of us with pre-existing conditions and is bringing more transparency to drug pricing, resulting in lower drug costs.

As State Auditor, Matt has proven that bureaucratic costs can be reduced. He cut operating expenses by 23 percent and eliminated seven vacant bureaucratic positions. How many elected officials do you know who refused a pay increase? Matt did, every time.

On the Land Board, Matt worked to expand access to over 45,000 acres of hard-to-reach public land. That opened up more opportunities for hunting, fishing, and other recreational activities for all Montanans.

Matt is the only candidate endorsed by President Trump, and he has an “A” rating from the NRA.

Bottom line: Matt’s looking out for Montana’s taxpayers. Matt Rosendale gets my support for the U.S. Congress.

I hope you’ll consider him too.

Rep. Becky Beard, MT HD80
Elliston, MT

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