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Letter: Bullock’s Landlord Restriction Results In Higher Costs For Good Tenants

Our governor has made an error in judgment with his decision to force Montana landlords into canceling evictions and extending rental payments.

What Mr. Bullock fails to realize is that although most tenants will eventually pay the rents that are owed, some will stay in the rental as long as they can before sneaking out. This does not take into account those late charges the landlord might still have to pay on related loans.

Because the governor is not willing to cover these expenses that he has forced onto landlords, they have no choice other than to pass those costs on to good tenants in the form of higher rents.

The role of government should be to protect our citizens. The greatest of these protections should be education/information, hopefully unbiased. Properly informed citizens contribute to protecting the public through their individual efforts, by personal service or electing representatives.

Government should never control an individual’s rights as long as those rights do not infringe on the rights of others. Citizens make up a free government therefore. As long as we follow the laws, no bureaucrats, not even elected representatives, have the right to dictate how you run your lives or your business.

Taxes pay for government inspections of goods and services but businesses, not government, are held liable by the public. This contributes to the prices we pay for more goods and services, but we still pay for government inspections.

Government should leave business alone, as long as good judgment is demonstrated by the business and the government has fulfilled their obligation in educating the public. This is especially true when that government entity is not willing to fully compensate financial losses as a result of their interference.

John Rice
Past Chairman of “Montanans for Better Government”

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