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About Us

The Havre Herald is an independent digital-only news organization that publishes news about Montana’s Hi-Line region.

The organization was founded by Paul Dragu and Teresa Webber Dragu, who moved to Big Sky Country for different reasons but have come to love this spacious, traffic-less prairie paradise all the same.

The Herald’s foci are relevant local stories that often require a deeper dive than the average news story. Click here to learn more about what we do.

Meet the Herald Team 

The founding editor of The Herald, Paul Dragu spent years as a general assignment reporter for Havre Daily News, focusing on crime and investigative reporting. Paul won a national award for investigative reporting for a series of stories on mysterious Havre property owners.

An Atlanta native, Dragu worked for years as a collaborative and freelance writer before turning to journalism.

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As a contributor reporter and lead adviser, John Kelleher brings 45 years of news experience and a hefty stack of awards to The Herald newsroom.

John has worked for newspapers in New York, Illinois, Indiana and Montana. Before joining the Herald, he spent seven years as editor of the Havre Daily News, where he reported on everything under the Hi-Line sun.

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Teresa Webber Dragu is a veteran photographer whose photos have been featured on award-winning newspaper pages, in magazines and in multiple other commercial avenues. She also runs her own photography business.

A Salt Lake City native, she moved to Havre in 2015, joining Havre Daily afterward.

Teresa has earned an art and photography degree from Salt Lake City Community College, a bachelor’s in photojournalism and a degree in mass communications from the University of Utah. 

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Support Local Journalism

The Havre Herald is dependent on advertising partners and recurring contributors for revenue. There is no paywall standing between readers and the important news we publish. But we do ask those who can to contribute so we can keep delivering news that matters. Although our news is free, making it is definitely not.

If you value the work we do at The Herald, sign up for a recurring donation here.

Professionals: To learn more about our starting advertising rates, check this out.

Read an editorial to learn more about what we do.

The Havre Herald

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