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Posts published in “Opinion”

Mike Cooney And Casey Schreiner Will Lead Montana Forward

I’ve had the honor of working with both Lt. Governor Mike Cooney, who is running for governor, and Casey Schreiner, his running mate, when I served in the state Legislature. There are no two people better qualified to take over leadership of the state from our current governor, Steve Bullock. I’ve looked up to Mike as a role model in…

Whitney Williams Is Good For Working Families

BY JIM MURRY For nearly 60 years I have been actively engaged in Montana elections, always measuring candidates through the prism of who is best for workers, family farmers and ranchers, and those less fortunate. In my humble opinion, the best of Montana’s candidates for Governor is Whitney Williams. Like Whitney Williams, I started my political education at my parents’…

Local Doc: ‘You Got This,’ Hi-Liners

People of the Hi-Line: As of today, 1.3 million people around the world have contracted COVID-19. Over 73,000 of those patients lost their battle against this virus. Montana has 298 cases and six fatalities. Still, Hill and Liberty counties have only one confirmed case apiece. So why “shelter in place”? Because, to quote your parents on a long road trip,…

Ketchup & Stimulus

On Sunday, I was eating one of my favorite breakfast meals: ketchup on an egg over medium with a side of white toast. Technically, this was my second breakfast. About an hour earlier, I devoured a couple pancakes with a side of bacon. But it was during my ketchup and egg breakfast that I realized I’d momentarily forgotten all about… (406) 262-7778