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Herald Memberships



Member - $ 5 

  • Access to all news content
  • Member-only emails
  • Cancel any time
  • Pay monthly or annually

Partner- $ 25 

  • All Member benefits PLUS
  • Your Choice 11x14 print
  • From the Herald Art Store
  • Gratitude from the Herald

Sponsor - $ 50 

  • All Member benefits PLUS
  • Listed on our sponsor page
  • 2 Facebook event posts per month
  • %10 discount on digital ads

Why Is The Herald Switching To A Membership Model? 

The Herald launched May 2018. And we’ve gone out of our way to publish important content you’d be hard-pressed to read anywhere else. 

Thanks to our advertisers and handful of individual contributors, we’ve been able to operate during this startup phase without losing money. But after a year and a half, operating costs have risen. 

The Herald is one of many digital-only news sites popping up around the country as a response to the struggling news industry. 

Digital-only news organizations aren’t burdened by the overhead costs of printing and delivering. When you pay for a subscription to an online news organization, your money is far more likely to go to newsgathering. Giving you more in-depth coverage of your community.

Readers who sign up for a paid membership will help us continue to report stories that matter.  

Thank you for supporting independent journalism and The Havre Herald.

Option 1 Member
Herald members who pay $5 can read all news content. The police blotter and anything in the Courts & Cops category will only be accessible to paying members. Member only emails are included with monthly specials from local businesses. This month we are featuring Infinity Bake Shoppe. Get a free cookie and beverage just for being a member of our team.
Option 2 Partner
For $25, partner members can read all content, while receiving the satisfaction of knowing your above-and-beyond contribution is the kind that will help our newsroom grow. As a thank you gesture, partners can also choose to have an 11×14 print from the Herald Art Store photographed by local artist Teresa Getten.  Hang a snapshot of the Hi-Line on your wall.
Option 3 Sponsor
For $50, we’ll post your organization’s logo and/or tagline, with a hyperlink to your website, on our Meet Our Professional Members page, which will have a tab at the top of the website. 
Professional members can also have up to two announcements a month about their organization on The Herald Facebook page and in one of our weekly newsletters. (406) 262-7778
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